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In addition to making lifestyle recomendations, such as dietary changes or increased exercise, prescription supplements may be appropriated. These may include commonly known nutrients, such as vitamin C and zinc, or less familiar supplements, sucha as the herbs rhodiola and butterbur. Supplements are prescribed based on your symptoms and lab test results with the goal of addressing the root cause of the problem and restoring health.


Natural medicine uniquely integrates scientific studies of natural medicine efficacy and drug interactions with knowledge of the usage history of the particular substance. I create safe and effective treatment plans suitable for each of my patients.


Supplements prescribed may include:


  • Vitamins (such as vitamin C or folic acid)

  • Minerals (such as magnesium or zinc)

  • Amino acids (such as glutamine or lysine)

  • Antioxidants (like Coenzyme Q10)

  • Essential fatty acids (such as fish oil and evening primrose oil)

  • Probiotics (friendly bacteria for the gut)

  • Digestive enzymes and other digestive aids

  • Herbs in the form of teas, tinctures or capsules

  • Essential oils

  • Homeopathic remedies


Once neccessary testing and a thorough examination of my patients is finished, I will determine which supplements will aid you in preventive care or what is right for your treatment plan that addresses your health care needs. Only professional grade supplements are used or prescribed for your safety and benefit. Come and learn out what is right for you.

Nutritional Support

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