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The popularity and prevalence of herbal and homeopathic remedies in the US has grown steadily. Consumers are increasingly using them to prevent disease, complement conventional therapies, and promote health and well being.


When it comes to using products like herbs and homeopathics, the quality of the products is of high importance. Here at the center I only use products that are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards and principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to guarantee the highest degree of consistency, reliability and potency.


  • Homeopathic remedies relieve the acute symptoms of a condition and stimulate the body to begin the healing process.

  • Herbal remedies work on the cause of the problem by improving systemic functioning and supporting the organ, body system or individual as a whole.

  • Tissue salts, which are also homeopathic, bring about harmony in the body as a whole by restoring balance.

  • Flower essences address both emotional and mental aspects of wellness and work to re-balance energy to return order to chaos.


Most natural herbal and homeopathic remedies do not produce negative side effects, and unlike conventional medicine, natural herbal and homeopathic remedies do not just mask symptoms, they get to the root of the problem to support health and effect healing at the same time.


Based on the ability to match remedies to patients’ complete “symptom picture”, homeopathy can be effective as either a primary or adjunctive treatment for almost any type of disease condition, both chronic and acute, including those of a psychological nature.

Homeopathy and Herbal Medicine

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