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Each molecule, cell, tissue and organ has an ideal resonance frequency that coordinates its activity. Using laser frequencies the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms can be manipulated or balanced.  The cold laser uses concentrated light frequencies to improve overall health of the body, stimulate cell growth, repair injured tissue, and stimulate the immune system. The particular cold laser used at Mind Body Spirit Center has been scientifically proven to decrease pain, increase wound healing, and aid in scar tissue diminishment. It has also been shown to dramatically heal peripheral neuropathies from injuries, including both intact neurological function as well as severed nerves.   


  • Improve Overall Health

  • Stimulate Cell Growth

  • Repair Injured Tissue

  • Stimulates Immune System

  • Decreased Pain

  • Increase Wound Healing

  • Improve/Heal Injury Induced Neuropathies





Cold Laser Therapy

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